10 ways to create a better first impression of your home

When it comes to what people think of your home, first impressions count, especially if it’s a potential buyer that you’re trying to win over.

Give your home a better chance of sticking in people’s minds for all the right reasons by taking these steps to improve its outward appearance:

1. Front fence

Adding a front fence can make a property more attractive and may increase its value by creating the illusion of a bigger space. It also adds a level of security for children or pets.

It should take a local carpenter or landscaper around a day to construct a picket fence. If you already have one, check whether it’s in need of a new coat of paint.

2. Spray the bricks

An unattractive brick exterior can be transformed in hours with a change of colour.

Rendering a brick house is one way to modernize it and add value, but this takes money and time. Spraying the bricks can look just as good when done well and is lighter on your wallet.

3. Turf

The more greenery you have at the front of your house, the more appealing it will look to visitors.

Take a look around and see if your front yard space could be put to better use, perhaps by clearing away some dead or dying bushes and replacing them with a neat patch of turf.

4. Stepping stones

Stepping stones don’t just look good; they can help guide guests to your front door as well as protecting your lawn from too much foot traffic.

With so many sizes and styles to choose from, they can even become a focal point.

5. House number

It’s not a good start if your visitors can’t work out which house to go to because there is no number visible.

Make sure your letterbox is upright and sturdy with your house number clearly displayed. Also consider adding a street number on the façade of your house and make sure it’s well-lit at night time.

6. Front porch tiles

Although you might not be able to see your front porch from the street, it’s the first part of your home that visitors really get to see.

They’ll have a good nosey around while waiting for you to answer the door, so give them something nice to look at by updating the space with new tiles.

7. Front door

There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from changing the colour of your front door – regularly, if you like.

Even if you prefer to stay conservative with the colour, a fresh coat of paint will help create a good first impression.

8. Plants

Plants never fail to add a touch of life to the front of a house, as well as a sense that the owners care for the place.

Mature plants would be the ideal choice but these can be quite expensive. A few young shrubs will still help to freshen the place up, and will grow over time.

9. Balustrade

A new balustrade can bring a new lease of life to a property and even completely transform the look, depending on what style you go for.

One of the most affordable options is a white timber balustrade, which has the added bonus of being fast to build (and paint).

If you’re not in the market for a completely new balustrade, at least give your current one a bit of TLC.

10. Spray the roof

If you’re giving your home a top-to-toe makeover, don’t forget the roof. A tired-looking roof can give away the true state of a property, so give it a fresh coat of paint.

This is a specialist job best completed by a professional with all the necessary equipment.

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